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Since the birth of online gambling, English Harbour has led the way with cutting-edge playing features, thrilling games and fresh graphics. With more than 2.3 million customers served, and several awards under its belt, this casino has perfected the process of sign-ups, payouts and exceptional customer service, making it one of the most secure and trusted casinos online.

As it is the casinos' responsibility to ensure a great player experience, we are proud to explain the advantages of both promoting and gaming with our group of sponsoring casinos:

nglish Harbour Casinos have been in business since 1996. They have yet to have any major complaints filed against them. Please take a minute and check their record on a watchdog site and verify that you will be dealing with a group whose reputation stands out as a shining example throughout the industryIt is important that you partner with a company that shows integrity, as trust is a cornerstone on which partnerships are built.

Game development is a key to success for both the casino and the affiliate partner. You will want to ensure that you partner with a company who is leading the industry in game offerings as this drives new players to the site and keeps current players happy and excited. English Harbour continues to lead the industry in terms of new offerings with software updates that include new slots games, table games and video poker games. They have recently developed and released 'Vegas Technology'; new software offering designed to increase the player experience to its maximum value.The conversions have never been higher.

It is no secret that generous welcome bonuses and monthly loyalty bonuses are another key to success. No one works harder than English Harbour to ensure players get the most for their dollar. The bonuses offered may not be as large as some of the competition, but take a minute and actually read the terms of those bonuses.You will see that they are nearly impossible to redeem. English Harbour offers a very healthy welcome bonus that is generous and achievable.Players can cash out their bonus money (and they often have bonus money left) with no hassles at all.

Customer Service:
Possibly the largest key to success is customer service. This is a universal truth, carrying over from industry to industry. The English Harbour group understands that and from day one the whole organization has stressed service first. Looking back on their record, it is easy to see why English Harbour casinos are industry leaders and continue to grow. Your customers will find their telephone, email and live chat inquiries answered promptly, 24 hours a day .They will be answered courteously and accurately. You, as the affiliate will also receive the highest level of service possible from us at the Casino Coins program.

Easy Deposit Methods:
What good is it to bring customers to a casino if the customer cannot make a deposit and play? The English Harbour group of casinos has made it simple and fast for your customers to make that first deposit. They employ the services of many payment providers, such as NetTeller, Citadel, PrePaid ATM, major Credit Cards, and various Debit methods of payment. As well, as more countries begin to allow i-gaming, Our sponsoring casinos will be adding new currencies for your players' convenience. Right now there is the choice of playing in - $US, €uro, £ Sterling .

Lastly, player promotions are one of the largest methods of really driving traffic through your site to our sponsoring casinos. English Harbour casinos offer daily, weekly, and monthly promotions to depositing players. Players get entered into contests and draws for cash and cars, prizes and vacations.Looking around the industry you will see that these promotions are competitive and compelling.For your higher limit players English Harbour offers an unparalleled VIP program - unsurpassed bonuses and additional rewards for high value players. They know how important these players are to you and your business

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