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The Object
The object of Texas Hold 'Em is to win the pot. This can be accomplished by either staying in the game with the best hand or by making a bet that none of the other players will meet, causing them to fold and relinquish any claim on the pot.

The Rules
Texas Hold 'Em is played with a standard 52-card deck and a maximum of six players. The order in which the players shall be required to bet or have the option to bet is determined by the Dealer Button, a flat disk that is used to indicate an imaginary dealer. The Dealer Button rotates around the table in a clockwise manner after each round of play.

The player to the immediate left of the Dealer Button is required to put a small blind into the pot, and the next player clockwise is required to put a big blind into the pot. The two blinds together total the minimum bet for the table.

Two rounds of cards are dealt face down, starting with the player to the immediate left of the Dealer Button. Following the placement of the blind bets, subsequent players may fold, call, or raise the bet. The option to raise the bet also applies to the players who made the blind bets. After the last player has responded to the most recent bet, the betting round is considered complete.

Three community cards (the flop) are then dealt in the center of the table, then turned face up. The nextbetting round commences with the option to bet or check by the first active player clockwise from the Dealer Button. Subsequent players may fold, call, raise the bet, or make an opening bet or check, if the preceding players have not made a bet.

Following the completion of the betting round, a fourth card is dealt to the flop, and another betting round commences, as above. Following the completion of that betting round, the dealer deals a final community card to the flop, and the final betting round commences.

If after the final betting round more than one player remains, a hand showdown determines who wins the pot. The winner is the player who forms the best five-card poker hand by using (in any combination) his own two cards and any of the five community cards. If the best five-card hand each of the remaining players can form is from the five community cards, all players still active in the hand share the pot equally.

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